If I could choose, which heroine or hero, which Godess or Demon would I be? What kind of story would the people tell about me, how would I use my supernatural powers in my direct environment?

“Quien es” is a way to work with visions in direct contact with everyday surroundings. It starts with the questions above. Participants can be passers by or intentional visitors. Once the vision is found we devielop a scenario that expresses the vision on cardboard. In order to do this we work with the technique of immersing large graphical elements into the everyday surroudings of the participant, thereby putting her vision in direct contrast to her everyday environment.

“Quien es” was developed for LASA (Arte Contextual Centro San Agustin, Havana, Cuba) in 2010. It was part of “ensayos publicos #5: La propria percepción”

Project documentation, images and texts:

Quien es Projektdokumentation

23.Bild JakeFinster brücke

Luis Manuel is defending his neighborhood as Jake Finster with a magical key.


http://lasa-cuba.blogspot.de/2010/  – scroll down please –

“Quien es” at “Hauptsache Frei Festival” in Hamburg- 13.-15.th of April 2015 -THANKS to all participants, the organizers and LAFT Berlin!

A workshop with Club Real  on cooperation and self images  in independent performing arts.

April 13 and April 14 11:00-14:00 und 15:00-18:00 Uhr, April 15: 11:00 – 13:00 Presentation: April 15th 19:30, Zentrum für Choreographie K3, Jarrestraße 20, 22303 Hamburg


Workshop admission is free, participation is possible for all artists/groups that show a performance during the Hauptsache Frei Festival

tickets for the opening and festival performances: hauptsachefrei.de

Sansevieria und Sankt Lucias Augen auf dem Teller – ein Workshop über Kooperation und Selbstbildnisse in den freien darstellenden Künsten beim Hauptsache Frei Festival in Hamburg






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