“Kehraus – Hochschule im Aufbruch” 21st October 2017 starting 5pm at “Alter Markt” in Potsdam – The Egg is the new Empress – looking for her Royal Chambers to Hatch. No success – given the super paranoia of Potsdam’s newly built Disney quarters no one was prepared to let an Egg inside. Imagine the threat!




The Egg will participate in the program which was dislocated from the FH Potsdam, because the DDR building will be taken down. Where to hatch, when original history is being replaced by a pseudo historic Disney reconstruction of Feudal Germany?

Innocence and Experience by William Blake. Three huge Eggs in Schwedt and der Oder in 2006. They talk to the passers by – try to find out where to hatch. 2009 in San Agustin/Havana/Cuba: The Egg is walking. It has been used for a Santeria Ritual and is feeling bad. It purifies itself by going into the sea – a self sacrifice.

The Eggs in Schwedt 2006

El Huevo de San Agustin 2009


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